Data Management Solution

SnD strives to provide quality Business to Business and Information Technology mailing, email and telemarketing lists. Our researchers will do extensive study of the market

B2B lead generation

For any small and medium size business, it is a very difficult task to access an extensive sales lead. Sales lead consists of prospective buyers of a product

Research & Advisory Solutions

We serve industries like Oil and Gas, Finance, Energy, Defence, Pharmaceutical, Utility, telecom, IT, Retail and more. According to market reports, companies that regularly


We are a team of best associates and analysts diligently chasing the dream of becoming the world’s largest data research and advisory Company. We thrive on channelizing data from the remotest source and leveraging the power of data research and integration, to equip our global clients with the real time information for making informed decisions and attaining an edge over competition. We provide analytical solutions and frameworks, including Data Management Solutions, Event Sales Solutions and Research & Advisory Solutions, to help our clients accelerate the enterprise wide performance and driving the topline and bottomline of the organisation.

We form the backbone for inclusive solution development for our clients by team work, innovation, customization, continuous improvement and doing the right things!